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32 ounce mug containing purple heart and white oak wood with a hand made white oak handle. (item#9)

Purple Heart and White Oak W/ Oak handle

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Each mug is made by hand with varying species of wood. Mugs are glued together with titebond III wood glue. They are then heavily sanded to shape. I then seal the inside with a FDA compliant food grade 2 part epoxy. The outside is coated with a oil based polyeurathane. Any interior (some have them to attach the handle) screws will be stainless steal and have the epoxy over the screw hole. 

  • Caring for the mugs is very simple. Wash with warm water and use soap only if needed. Try not to wash outside of mug if possible. Never put ANY wood in the dishwasher! I use a food compliant epoxy that has hardened. The mug is not hot or cold sensitve. You can put hot coffee, cold beer or a iced margarita. Try to store out of direct sunlight as you wood colors may fade. And most importantly these mugs were built to be used!

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